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Featuring Paintings by Christina Watkins from January 13th through April 14th

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Christina Watson Works

About The Artist

Christina was born in Grand Forks, North Dakota into a military family that moved early and often, exposing her to a multitude of cultures and experiences. This eventually allowed her to benefit from uncertainty and expand her dichotomy of thought. Due to the diversity fostered by her upbringing, she found an easy transition into settling into Chicago’s diverse culture. She obtained her BA in Marketing Communications from Columbia College Chicago in 2009.

Christina recently founded 19art81, which is an art-form representation of fostering self-belief and actualization.  She has built a quality catalog of artists, and has named them “her tribe”. 19art81 is a safe space for creatives to live their dreams. She recently started hosting events and Meetups to further explore the connection between personality and creation through abstract art. Her company’s first event is this spring and is entitled “Speakeasy Poetry and Storytime”.  She has handpicked 20 unique Chicago artists and poets to showcase their work.

On the personal side, Christina currently resides on the north side of Chicago with her two chihuahuas, Fidel and Terrance.