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Spotlight on: Port Center Cafe

Did you know Awake Cafe is part of a small family of cafes that can be found in the Chicagoland area? If you find yourself far from Chicago Avenue and craving a perfectly brewed cup of artisan tea or one of our signature chilluccinos, check out one of our affiliated locations and you’ll find many of the same beverage options on the menu!

Port Center Cafe is located on the UIC East Campus, in the University Hall building on Harrison St at Morgan. Adjacent to the cafe, there is an expansive multi-floor seating area named for Rebecca Port whose son, Sidney, in recognition of his mother’s commitment to others, donated the funds to create a special place where faculty and students can come together. At Port Center Café, we strive to create an environment that honors her legacy and lets you meet with friends, study, or just have a great cup of coffee or tea.
We also pride ourselves in not only using the freshest of ingredients but also in using mostly local suppliers. From the beans in our coffee to the ingredients in our sandwiches, we have gone to great lengths to make sure you only get the very best we have to offer. Add in our smiling, friendly baristas and you have a pretty special place!

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